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About Our Brand


 Our Vision

At the Guardian Nurse, we represent what it means to be a nurse , someone who is compassionate, intelligent, resourceful, and hard working. Our vision is to create a platform where nurses can be heard and products can be designed in order to make the nurse or any healthcare professional better at their roles. Here at the Guardian Nurse we believe anyone can put on scrubs, but it takes a special and skillfull person to be a guardian!

The Mission

COVID-19 has brought upon new meaning of what it means to be a nurse. Prior to the global pandemic, nurses regularly dealt with difficult circumstances. One of the biggest responsibilities that we have as nurses, is to function as a liaison between the patient and the doctor. Our role was and still is to be the patient advocate and to ensure that the patient is receiving the best care possible. However, with a global pandemic at the forefront of our care, our roles have shifted. We are constantly putting our lives on the line to care for others, which is the ultimate sacrifice. Our mission here at the Guardian Nurse is to be an example of what the everyday hero looks like. From how we represent ourselves to what we wear, the guardian nurse, like your guardian angel, is there when you need them and ready to answer the call.

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The Creative Process

As a travel nurse I have worked at many hospitals, in several states and no matter where I worked, and no matter the dress code, my fanny pack has always been a staple part of my "look". Over the years, I received so many compliments about my bag, that the idea of creating a bag for every nurse, known as the Guardian Nurse bag was born. I wanted to create something that was practical, easy to use, and represented the heroes that we are. The Guardian Nurse fanny pack is everything that the nurse needs and more!


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